No matter how carefully you set up your business with well-crafted policies and procedures, problems may arise.

Disputes, however, don’t have to end in expensive court battles. Alternative means of resolution are often the smarter option, both for keeping your budget in check and for resolving problems quickly.


Effective mediation in Atlanta takes finesse and an understanding of the company, the law, and the dispute in question. By replacing a winner-takes-all mindset with a more collaborative approach—one that’s open to compromise—you can save your business money and time. Pursuing litigation means putting your business’s future in the hands of a judge. Judges are experts in the law, trained to make decisions based on their analysis of the law. But their job is to judge, not settle or resolve problems.

We can keep your employment disputes out of court, reaching swift resolutions that work for both parties and allow you to focus on your business’s larger interests.

Notable Cases

When a subcontractor misused funds from the general contractor, we arbitrated a $1 million award.


While mediation is a formal tool for conflict resolution, internal disputes are sometimes better handled by an ombudsman in Georgia or elsewhere. With our ombudsman services, we help settle internal conflict, like partner-to-partner disputes, and define strategies and procedures to keep points of conflict from reoccurring. Large corporations typically employ an organizational ombudsman—someone to offer neutral, confidential, and informal help to everyone from the newest hire to senior management. Smaller businesses also have a need for that type of advice and assistance—perhaps even more so since an internal dispute can quickly derail a company. Our fractional ombudsman services help ensure your business runs smoothly, addressing conflicts before they become divisive.

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