You operate your business with long-term goals and plans, so your approach to business law should be no different.

If you have employees, you’ll eventually have issues. And when one of those issues makes it to court, it’s usually too late: You’ll face legal fees, disruptions to your day-to-day work, and major expenses if your case doesn’t go as planned.

We help clients take a more proactive approach—avoiding common problems before they crop up and navigating major milestones, like mergers and buy/sell agreements.

What We Can Do For You


Act as your on-call general counsel, meaning your legal strategy is cohesive and always proactive


Create employment or severance agreements on behalf of both employers and employees


Make sure your business leases don’t jeopardize your own personal liability


Negotiate multiple asset sales and purchases or handle your merger to maximize return

Employment Law

Well-drawn employment contracts, policies, and compensation packages can place your business on a solid footing, creating an environment that works for you and your employees. If you’re faced with terminating an employee, we can consult with you on how to let that person go on the most employer-friendly terms. Thinking ahead helps you prepare for the more reactive moments your business may face, whether that’s defending against Equal Employment Opportunity Commission actions or Fair Labor Standards Act claims.

We also work with executives and upper management on the employee side of business law, handling contract disputes, severance, and compensation packages. Our background with employers allows us to help our clients see problems—and solutions—from a different perspective.

Notable Cases

After a medical professional’s former employer defamed him on a professional clearinghouse site, we negotiated a six-figure financial settlement.

Closely Held Company Transactions

Whether you’re just getting your business going or you’re about to change in a big way, we provide outside general counsel services, giving your small business the personalized attention and experience you’d expect from a GC or chief legal officer at a larger organization.

With extensive experience evaluating contracts, negotiating mergers or buy/sell agreements, and keeping partnerships between partners, we’re well positioned to offer your company general business guidance as you grow, expand, or transform. If you’re considering buying a franchise, we can handle your franchise disclosure documents and ensure your team is positioned for success.

We also help experienced entrepreneurs turn a great idea into a company, creating template contracts for employees, writing operating agreements, or preparing for venture capital fundraising.

Notable Cases

When our client, an industrial supplier, was looking to sell assets, we negotiated an expedited process with a distressed buyer, allowing inventory to be incorporated as quickly as possible.

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